2020 Cancer Planetary Influences



In year 2020, your experiences grow and in turn your confidence level thanks to the planetary positions for the period. All your past efforts would start yielding fruit, however it would take some time for you to feel satisfied in life. Be assured that you are treading the correct path for now, guided by the planets this season.


Jupiter would be travelling through your sign from January to July 2020. This is a reason to be happy about. This is a period that favors good personal growth for Cancer natives. Your influence in social circles would also be greatly enhanced. But on the downside, do not take things or relationships for granted. Look for expansion only when you know your limits. Then in August 2020, Jupiter moves from your sign to that of Leo. That would be your house of finances, and hence finances gets emphasized this period. Make good use of your financial resources in a more constructive way rather than indulging.


Saturn continues its journey through your neighboring house of Gemini this 2020. This position tests your hopes and desires for the period. You would be able to uncover some of your souls' inner most illusions. This would also be the time when you bid adieu to things, situations and people who think are no more wanted in life. Though this would be a tough task, the freedom you get through this cleansing would be quite immense.

Outer Planets

Uranus would be in the house that caters to your intimate aspects of life during 2020. Your days would be quite romantic and sensual. Some of the strongest attachments in life would be forged now. Neptune also in the same house as Uranus greatly enhances your psychic or intuitive abilities. Through the year, Pluto guides you towards looking after your physical self. Your physical weakness would be brought to the fore, be cautious.


The Eclipses of year 2020, guides Cancer folks to realize the past and how it affects your present living. Also they emphasize on making some drastic lifestyle changes through the period. Some of the best hopes and dreams of your life would be had during these eclipses. And they might be illuminating or enlightening to you through the year.

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