2018 Cancer Planetary Influences


Year 2018 would help the Cancer personalities to realize their hopes and ambitions in life. There would be many positive changes around you. You would be spiritually growing to a new level this period. Personal and professional life would meet with many breakthroughs through the course of the year ahead.

For the first half of the year, Jupiter would be travelling or transiting your 11th house of gains. This would bring about much gains in your life. Much of your goals would be met and you would satisfied on an mental and physical level. Friends would be a source of support and inspiration for you in the period. Then from July to December 2018, Jupiter would be transiting your 12th house. This would bring about a sense of serenity in your spiritual life. You feel more protected now than ever. Also overseas ventures are probable for some of you.

Saturn would help you to set reasonable goals in personal and professional life and achieve them as the year progresses. Your life would be more disciplined now thanks to the restrictiveness posed by the action of Saturn on you guys. There would be a clear definition of what you want in life and what you can get..

The outer planets Uranus and Neptune are in their same position as the last year or two and would be influencing your relationships and healing tendencies. They would help you to break down the fear psychosis that has been gripping some of you for quite sometime now.

Pluto would be bringing about enormous changes in your career field. Particularly your health would be directly linked to your work-life balance and it is up to you to strike a cordial balance between the two for better results.

The solar and the lunar eclipses that are due in year 2018 would have a major impact in the life of Cancer guys. Particularly as around 6 numbers of eclipses are involved in this year like never before. Though they are unlikely to wreak havoc in your life, these eclipse periods would be a time of heightened energy levels for the natives.

By paying heed to your inner voice you would be able to come out of any sort of turmoil in your life this year.