2018 Cancer Horoscope

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Cancer natives would see the year 2018 with a new level of optimism and positivity. There would be much luck and fortune coming for you this year. Your confidence level would increase and harmony prevails in your vicinity all through the year. The planets Saturn and Jupiter would bring about numerous opportunities for growth during the period.
Development and advancements now come for you in pieces. However your expectations would be met as the year moves on.

The year seems to be quite a year of craziness for Cancer guys. Profound changes are in the cards and some of your long-held dreams materialize this period. Jupiter would be changing you into a new avatar this season. You would be at your best emotional state and would get the goodwill and love of those around. A good time to repair and prune relationships. Through the year you would be able to encompass your own weaknesses and develop trust in yourself and your skills.

2018 would be the year to take risks and follow your intuition.

Career horoscope 2018 For Cancer

Cancer people would find their career area quite intensified this year. You would be having your hands full all through the year. Sometimes things might go out of hand and you would might be caught in cross-fires. Try to strike a cordial balance with authorities and peers during this time. If you are asking for a relocation or change of position then this would be the apt time. Look at the finer picture when you are signing up things in your career area. Till the last quarter of the year, the time would be conducive for you to learn new skills or tasks related to your area of interest. New contacts would come into your fold and your social circle enlarges now.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 For Cancer

Cancer guys would witness an emotional upheaval in their love life in year 2018. The relationships you are already in would spice up your life. Follow your instincts and conscience when handling contentious matters in your love area. Speak and let speak your partner to bring about some transparency in your relationships. Impatience and fault-finding would not do you any good for now through the year as far as your love relationship is concerned. Keep a control over what you do as you might hurt the sentiments of your partner as the year moves on. Keep your desires and sensual emotions under check and do try to understand the feelings of your partner. Some of your long-last dreams in love would materialize for now, however make sure that your dreams are realistic and not an utopia. Some of you Cancer natives would find it a little hard to sort out differences between more than one partner. The end of the year would bring about much boldness and add charm in you that you would be able to attract and key-in potential partners for life.

Finance horoscope 2018 For Cancer

The first half of the year might bring in unwanted expenditure for Cancer fellows. Though this might cause a temporary annoyance, it would help you to spruce up your budget for the year. This part of the year would also bring in good inflow by way of real-estate deals and income through legacy. Hence the going would be quite easy. The middle of the year might ask for some expenses related to sprucing up your home or your personal self. Do not throw yourself much to the financial whims and fancies of those around you, else you would land in troubled waters. The second half of the year however seems to be problem-free in your financial side. Avoid high-value purchases and try to make some small savings here and there.

Health horoscope 2018 For Cancer

This year would see you in good health and gives you umpteen opportunities to spruce up your physical and mental self. Rest and rejuvenate your spirits whenever you have some time to spare. Stay active and eat healthy. Cancers beware of an emotional turmoil breaking down your nerves. Be positive and let a sense of optimism surround you. Your energy levels would see alternate modes of crests and troughs through the year. Do strike a good balance between work and play. A proper diet would also pave way for a healthier tomorrow, stay away from any sort of indulgences this year, as they might bring about long term repercussion in life.

Family & lifestyle in 2018

Major changes are likely in your home front this year, Cancer. You would be entering a new phase of your life. There would be new additions and deletions from your family circle by way of births and deaths. Several obstacles might come in way spoiling the harmony at home. Do settle grudges with family members and do not take them to your heart. Be firm when it comes to installing a new order at home. Stay firm and strong in your views and ideals.

2018 Cancer  Snapshot

Retrograde Effect

Cancer natives would find the year 2018 a bit tough to handle in the sense they need to make some major decisions regarding life. Be logical and rational rather than being emotional for things to work in your favour these days. Moon would be playing a major role in causing mental breakdowns for some of your Cancer guys. You need to put up a bold face to handle challenges that come your way. Some luck is on the cards too. Property would fetch you good returns during year 2018. Starting new ventures this year would be quite rewarding. Those in services would be able to hone up their skills now.

Between March and July 2018 Jupiter would be in retrograde motion. This would bring about some confusion regarding your career pursuits also your speculative deals would be dealt with negative returns. Stick to your guns though. The Exalted Mars between May and November 2018 would bring about much gains. Conjugal felicity is assured for Cancer guys. Try to maintain a compatible atmosphere at home and work. Saturn goes retrograde between April and September 2018 when your finances might get a beating. Be careful in spending and do not overindulge. Those in academics would fare well. Marital discords rise and wane for the period. Then from October things would turn in favour of you as Jupiter transits.

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