For Cancer guys, the year 2018 starts with a busy time in January. There would be hectic activity regarding your career and finances. Then it would be followed by a month of rest and relaxation. You would be quite relieved of stress and tension in life.

In March 2018, Mercury retrograde might play havoc in your life. Do not make major decisions and stick to routine.
April would bring about occasional bouts of health issues for Cancer guys, beware.

Then during the fifth month of the year, your social life would be at its peak. There would be ample time for short visits and picnics with family. Then middle of the year 2018 would bring about some changes into your lifestyle.

2018 Cancer  Snapshot

Then in July when the Sun enters your homestead, you would be able to make a personal makeover. August brings in its share of minor bouts with children and elders in the family. And during the ninth month of the year, you would be able to pursue social and spiritual works in a more elaborate way.

October 2018 would bless you with good financial and professional prospects. You would be able to get some clarity regarding your future goals as November passes off.

The end of the year would see you in good spirits with ample time for enjoyment with people under your own shell.