2019 Virgo Planetary Influences


The year 2019 offers great professional opportunities for Virgo guys. You would be able to make sample money through speculative deals as well. The year starts with Mars upping your sexual energy levels to a new high. Unconventional romantic encounters likely for some of you folks. And you would be having your hands full in the career area for most of

February. However the Mercury retrograde around the middle of the month might throw a spanner onto your works. But then by March your sense of confidence improves and your personal finances start to look up for the better.

April 2019 brings money and property under focus and for some of you folks a new relationship starts off. May brings about career progress. The Mercury retrograde due in late June might put your plans under fire. But as July sets in some travel plans materialize. Some of your fears and worries regarding your future wane off now. August comes in with much work on your hands. Around four planets enter your home and this brings about challenges from many quarters. Then as the Sun enters your sign around the 20's expect success in your ventures. But then be prepared to face some personal obstacles.

The Mercury retrograde again in October 2019 brings monetary hitches to the fore. You might end up in loans and debts. Also money due for you would not flow back to you. Once Mercury goes direct, November sets alright your communication agenda. December favors domestic welfare and happiness of Virgos. Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo would throw the love life of Virgo guys to the whirlwind. A sort of negativity flows in this area for the period. However Mercury would help you guys to reach your goals in life. 2019 planetary placements would bring your emotional side to the fore.

Jupiter would help you to communicate your feelings quite lucidly to your partner this season. You would learn to enjoy the company of your partner and satisfy his or her personal and emotional needs then. The planets for the year make it quite tough for you to present a pleasant disposition of yourself to the outside world.

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