2018 Virgo Planetary Influences


In year 2018, Virgo natives would be able to see success in their personal and professional life if they are more than willing to accept changes. Your analytical mind would come in handy to learn new things and forge new relationships in life like never before.

Jupiter would be traversing your 9th house from the start of the year to mid-2018.

This would be a time when travels would be more common and you stand to gain a lot through this. Your reputation grows and paternal gains come for you. From July to December, Jupiter would be transiting your 10th house of profession. This happened twelve years back and the same placement is likely after a 12 year period. Hence make the best use of this placement of Jupiter to scale your professional life to a new high. However Virgo natives are advised to keep their egos under check and to know when to say no and when to say yes. Else you might land in troubled waters.

Saturn would be travelling your complimentary sign this year. It brings discipline and focus on your academic and professional goals. Travel and teaching are emphasized with this position of Saturn for Virgo natives. Sharing your mental and physical resources would help you in the long run.

Uranus and Neptune in their current placements for 2018 would be aspecting your Sun. These planetary positions highlight or emphasize your work areas and hence bring your creativity to work and would do the best for you this season.

Pluto interferes with your house of home and its security this year. Try to strengthen your personal relationships for now.

The eclipses of 2018 would have a major impact on the life of Virgo natives. How you define and perceive love changes a lot with the intervention of the effects of the eclipses. Come out of your inhibitions.

Family and its security would be tested and tried these times, be prepared to tackle things head-on.