2020 Virgo Planetary Influences



Year 2020 calls for big performances on your part, Virgo. And the planetary placements would aid you in this endeavors. Through the year your confidence increases and you would get the good support of family and friends. Stick to your goals and focus, major challenges come your way by means of some malefic planets. This is the time

when your responsibilities are quite high and you would be needed to remove certain road-blocks aided by the benefic planets.


Jupiter transits the zodiac house of Cancer till July 2020. This brings a sense of optimism around for Virgo guys. Your hopes would be kindled this period. You would be able to re-focus your aims in life. And you would be encouraged to do something to the society at large. You would be receiving the fruits of your past efforts these days. Then in August, Jupiter transits to Leo, your neighboring house. This opens the doors of spirituality to the natives. Something from the past comes back to your life this time. Jupiter would help you to bring out some hidden talents of you around the end of the year.


Saturn loiters in the house of Gemini during 2020. This brings about a greater emphasis on your career plans and motives. Your efforts would take you to high places, but make sure that you are not smothered or used as a scapegoat. Certain old issues might continue to bother your spirits. It would be quite tough to get rid of them as well. However Saturn would help you to delegate your responsibilities into a more committed team. Your skill-set would come in handy in times of need as the year moves on.

Outer Planets

Uranus and Neptune would be transiting your career or work environment all through 2020 as have been for the past few years. Uranus this year would ask to you make some changes in your career filed, like introducing new technology, learning a new skill and the like. Neptune calls for more charity and social works rather than self-based concerns for the period. Pluto brings about new feelings and emotions related to your family and friends. The place you give to your near and dear ones might take a major shift these days.


The 2020 eclipses would bring about major reforms in the life of Virgo natives. Especially your home environment is in for a major make over. The very thread of your ties changes drastically. The eclipses draw you towards striking a balance between work and play. You might be brought to the limelight despite you not wanting to. The eclipses might expend much of your energy resources, stay mentally and physically fit during the days. Do not strain much.

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