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www.findyourfate.com and its Team take immense pleasure in releasing the horoscopes for the year 2019. Year 2019 horoscopes have been prepared according to the rules of astrology by our in-house astrology experts. Our horoscopes would be a good drive for you to the best decisions in life and take hold of the opportunities that come your way.

The 2019 horoscopes are based on the planetary influences for the year and deal with your fate or destiny for the period. Precise astrological calculations have been done, hence you can take them up for easy reference, any time of the year.

Our horoscopes help you to avoid troughs en-route your life. It holds the key to the goodness in your relationships for the year 2019. Your personal horoscope would reflect your emotional mood for the period and how it is controlled by the planets. The main aim of our horoscopes is to lighten up The zodiac sky above is reflected in your personal horoscopes. And this helps you to manage life, hone up your skills and helps you to meet goals set. Armed with our horoscopes you can tread ahead in style. You know when and how to act now. Negative forces and periods can be avoided and you would be able to channel your energy in a positive manner.

Here's wishing you the best for the year 2019 folks...

Anxious as to how the year 2019 is going to be for you?. Well the cosmic sky has a great line-up that would rev up your life this year. No astrology report or horoscope is complete without a reference to the troublesome Mercury retrograde. This year it takes places thrice and look out for them in the months of March, July and November. A key point to note here is these retrogrades take place in the watery signs and hence feelings take the centre-stage, if not our emotions. Getting past this Mercury retrograde phases is not a Herculean task if you follow your intuition and go with the flow, listen to your inner voice.

The next planet player in question would be the fiery Mars. Mars is noted for its aggressiveness, power, and fast energy. The year 2019 starts with Mars in its own house of Aries, the ambitious place, which also happens to be its hometown. This helps you accomplish more through the course of the year, with a positive sense.

Saturn is quite comfortable in its own house of Capricorn during 2019. It guides us towards success, hence this year would help us to frame plans, set goals and forge ahead. Saturn helps you to do your best these days.

The outer planet would be in the zodiac house of Capricorn during year 2019. It would retrograding between April and October 2019 and then goes direct around the year-end. Pluto gives you the impulse and belief that nothing is impossible if you have the guts to keep trying. You can grow from the scratch or rise from the ashes like Phoenix.

Coming to the performance of the signs during the year 2019..

Fire SignsFire Signs in 2019

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, its own house from the start of the year, till around the end. This assures much adventure, fun and travel for the fiery signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. And Venus, the planet of Love is in Aries during the latter part of April, in Leo around the end of July and in Sagittarius during the start of November 2019. Hence there would be no dearth of love excitement for the fire signs in year 2019.

Earth SignsEarth Signs in 2019

Saturn stays in it own home of Capricorn, the earthy abode. This grounds the natives of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the earthy signs of the zodiac. However when Saturn retrogrades between the end of April till around the middle of September, 2019 things slow down and hinder your progress in life. Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and wisdom enters the earthy sign of Capricorn around December which propels the earthy sign natives of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn to learn. All sorts of academic pursuits are favored for the year.

Air SignsAir Signs in 2019

Uranus the ruler of the airy sign of Aquarius moves from the fiery Aries to the earthy Taurus during March 2019. Uranus transit to the grounded sign of Taurus impedes growth in the life of the airy signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius for the year. And Venus moves to the house of Gemini in June,2019, and this provides some financial support for the airy signs. Air sign natives are advised to stay practical and keep forging ahead despite hindrances of sorts.

Water SignsWater Signs in 2019

The water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are home to the three phases of Mercury retrograde during year 2019. This advises the natives to rely on their intuition when they hit a road-block. And Neptune, an outer planet goes retrograde is Pisces from the end of June to the end of November 2019. This might hinder your dreams and aspirations in life. Proper reasoning and logical thoughts are advised for the water sign folks for the year.

2019 FinanceFinancial Perspective for year 2019

Mercury transit through the zodiac sky this year would help change world fortune and bring about an economic slip across the globe. It asks us to re- strategize our financial systems. Uranus transiting to the earthy sign of Taurus brings about some financial unpredictability around and marks monetary disruptions of sorts. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Nepttune transit in their own signs all through year 2019 and this brings about a growth that is quite cautious, economy would be able to meet our need but not our greed. Mercury brings about better financial awareness and motivate us towards sharing our financial resources in a more meaningful way.

2019 LoveLove insights for 2019

Relationships, be it love or marriage is built on better communication between the persons involved. And communication is ruled over by Mercury. Hence Mercury has a greater say over our love pursuits during the year 2019. Mercury’s transit across the luminary Sun influences our relationship issues. Jupiter in its own house of Sagittarius for most of the year brings about adventure and joy in our relationships at large. There would be better understanding on an inter-personal level. And the aspect between the planets Saturn and Neptune guides us towards nurturing a solid and stable relationship with better commitment through the period.

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