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Year 2019 would bring a sense of reality to your long felt dreams in life. A good time to act on your personal goals and ambitions. This period you would learn to think more about you and your personal needs rather than catering to the needs and desires of those around you. However you would be able to motivate them through the course of the year ahead. These days holds many chances

for you to hog the limelight, it is up to you to grasp opportunities as they come your way. Something that limited you would now be in shambles as the year progresses.

Career horoscope 2019 For Pisces

In this year, Pisces guys would be more practical towards their ventures and projects. Much expansion and growth are predicted for you this period in the career front. A sort of clarity would be achieved in your path as the year advances. Get rid of unwanted hesitations and forge ahead in style. Do not lose your time prodding over spilt milk. For those in the artistic field, this would be a good time to bring your imagination and creativity to the fore. This period would help you to earn the goodwill of those in the professional field. However around the middle of the year, be prepared to handle some hiccups. This is not a good time to believe others, instead reflect on your conscience and confirm to your ideals and ideas. The end of the year would bring much success in your endeavors that would give you the momentum for the years ahead.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2019 For Pisces

This year your love life would be quite sensational and foreboding. Though the past few years would have been problematic in this area, this year you would be able to move like a breeze. Those waiting to tie the knot would find this the right time for the same. This would be the ideal time to express yourself more freely to your partner like never before. Stick to partners who are sincere, and a joy to live with. New meetings of potential partners are on the anvil if you are yet to locate one. A sensuous and passionate period exists around the middle part of the year for Pisces natives. Be authentic and diplomatic in your love moves. Memories from the past might test your sincerity in your present love pursuit. Do not let yourself down, instead rise like a chimera in style. Bring constructive ideas in your personal life and find new avenues to satisfy your partner.

Finance horoscope 2019 For Pisces

For the year 2019, luck and fortune would bring you ample resources to spend. Your sense of hard work and professional ethics would bring you much money these days. But then stay away from impulsive spending. Get rid of tempting situations that might play havoc with your budgetary plans for the year. Take a step back, spend only for the must-haves and essentials. This year would help you to settle old debts and make sure that you do not get into new loans and dues. The middle part of the year favors investments that would boost your income levels. The end of the year would be a time to ask for a pay hike and to claim any money that is due for you from just about anyone around. Keep your purse strings tight to see the year end in a good financial standing.

Health horoscope 2019 For Pisces

This year stay away from lifestyle that might harm your general health and well-being. This would be a good time to get way from bad health habits and indulgences of sorts. As the year starts your energy levels would be high thanks to your optimistic approach. However the middle of the year might bring about some emotional turbulences in your life that might mar your general health. Take care of your diet and stay clear of digestive and nervous troubles for the period ahead. Take periodic breaks for meditation and physical exercises that would revamp your mental and physical self. Solitude helps a lot if you ought to stay away from temptations and addictions. The year would be a good time to start a sport or a physically enduring work-out to stay fit all through the days.

Family & lifestyle in 2019

Family affairs would be cordial and quite good for the year 2019 for Pisces guys. Do sit for negotiations and talk your mind out when issues of importance crop up now and then. Be practical in your approach towards familial troubles. Do not risk yourself of losing vital relationships at home at the cost of your professional growth and other short-tem relationships outside. Do not let others deceive you using your vulnerability and your emotional weakness this period. Around the middle of the year, make sure that you do not make promises that you cannot adhere to. Use your family and personal relationships as your greatest asset this period, Pisces.

Travel horoscope 2019 For Pisces

There is probability of overseas journeys for many Pisces guys. These journeys would enhance your fate. You would go on pilgrimage also. You might have to go away from your mother land owing to career or love/marriage.

2019 Horoscope Month by Month


The year 2019 starts on a high note for Pisces folks. There would be ample opportunities to grow, develop and come up in life like never before. Most of you folks would turn out a new leaf in your lives. A good time to explore the world around.


As the Sun moves through your sign, you would be full of energy and vigor. You would be able to accomplish much these days. Stay away from social circles and fun and frolic and achieve as much as possible these days, particularly in the professional arena.


With Mercury retrograde around, you cannot do much this month. However you can chalk out your future course of action. Find ways to fit the pieces of life together. You might seem to be stuck between stuff. But then shake off the blocks and coming out would take you places this month.


April 2019 asks for much energy spending on the part of Pisces guys. Though you might seem quite disorganized and likely to go astray, things shall soon fall in place in favor of you. Time for some spring cleanup too. Bring about peace and solemn atmosphere around these days.


During May, Pisces natives would be able to prove their mettle to the outside world. But then you need to expend much of your resources and energy as the days go by. New people enter your life for the better. A good time for some spiritual pursuits as well.


Pisces people beware during this June. You would be more concentrated on the wellness of those of your near and dear ones, in the process you stand to get neglected. A sense of frustration might set in then. Some of you might feel being let down, but that is not the final picture though. Keep moving.


Pisces people would be at their career best with the onset of July 2019. Your creativity, imaginative skills and other talents bring you to the fore. Your vitality would also be quite high this season. Stay off from past issues and let not worries weight you down.


During August, Pisces guys would be able to settle down to their routine lives. You can complete a major part of your academic pursuits now. Little or diminutive tasks can wait for the next month or so. Some of you might feel a bit angry or worried, mixed reactions are forecast for the period.


Relationship with family and friends would be at the realm for Pisces guys this September. A good time to enjoy and nurture relationships. Though some financial instability is likely, let not it disturb your personal life. Your energy levels would be quite good, though some relaxation is advised.


Try to get some freedom and independence these days, Pisces. Do not get smothered by close relations this October. However do not push them out of your reign altogether. Work towards lofty ideals for now.


Your energy levels would be at a new low thanks to Mercury retrograde around. Difficulties of sorts linger on. Take issues at hand and sort them out. Totally inconclusive period however is predicted all this November. Relationships are in for a major setback.


Though things do not shape the way you are interested in, you would be able assimilate them in your own rightful way. Be sympathetic and compassionate all these days. Pursue some spiritual or charity works which would give the solace needed as the year unwinds.

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December Look before you leap

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