In the year 2019, Saturn or Shani would be travelling through the 10th house of profession for Meena Rasi natives or those born with the Moon in the house of Pisces. On 23rd of March, Rahu or the Moon's North Node would be entering your 10th house of Sagittarius where it joins with Saturn. Then on 23rd April, it goes Retrograde, enters the house of Scorpio. Then on the 5th of November

2019, Jupiter once again gets Direct and comes back to the house of Sagittarius, its 10th house. These planetary movements through the year would affect the Pisces natives. Read on for the effects on various aspects of your life.


Year 2019 is predicted to be quite a good year in the professional front for Kumbha Rasi natives. Much growth and development is promised. Your sense of status and respect on professional circle increases like never before. But then you need to tread cautiously. Stay clear from financial over-indulgences. Put in hard work and commitment and you would come out successful as the year ends. The first half of the year would prove troublesome for Meena Rasi students. You would have problems concentrating and focussing. Also health issues might hinder your progress. However the transit of Jupiter would bring about pay hikes and promotions for the deserving Meena Rasi people. There would be scope for higher studies if you are willing for the same through the year ahead.


Year 2019 promises to be a generally good year as far as the financials of Meena Rasi people are concerned. Good growth in the professional side would improve your finances in general. You would be receiving more than two or three sources of inflows. However be prepared to spend for some high-value purchases, auspicious events and medical expenditure of family members. Legal issues regarding landed property might land you in financial troubles around the middle of the year. And some Meena Rasi natives would be able to buy their long-held dream of owning a luxury car or a big house of their own.


Meena Rasi folks are promised domestic welfare/happiness in the domestic front through the year ahead. You would earn the good repute and goodwill from family members. Take good care of the health of family members this year as troubles loom around. Till the transit of Rahu in March, there might be some worries and anxieties regarding children in the family. The last quarter of the year brings about good news regarding marriage of a family member. Also children would bring name and fame. Happiness and peace would prevail at home, but then beware of false accusations from friends or relatives through the year.


Meena Rasi folks have a good itinerary of foreign and domestic travels on the cards for the year 2019. Some of you would be going abroad owing to relocation, transfers and the like. Some of you guys would be on with pilgrimage related travels. In general all your travels would be comfortable, safe and gainful as a whole for the period.


The general health of Pisces folks would not be that good in year 2019. There would be perennial troubles on the health front if it is not taken care properly. Particularly take good balanced food and do not indulge in fast food and junks for now. Also clear the air from any mental tensions around. Positive thinking and sticking to long walks or jogs would bring about a sense of well-being for you. Be prudent when it comes to your general health for the year ahead.

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