For Mithuna Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would stay put in the house of Dhanush or Sagittarius which happens to be their 7th house of marriage or relationship. Rahu or the Moon's North node would be entering your Ascendant on 23rd March, 2019. Shortly hereafter, Jupiter or Guru gets into your 7th house already posited by Saturn. It then goes Retrograde and reaches your 6th house

of diseases and debts. Then Jupiter goes Direct on the 5th of November, reaching the zodiac house of Sagittarius once again. These planetary transits for the year 2019, play a major role in charting the course of actions in the life of Mithuna Rasi people.Read on for more effects on the various facets of your life through the year.


Mithuna Rasi individuals would see good growth in their professional area thanks to the transit of Saturn or Sani to their 7th house. Some natives would do well in business too. Those in services would get a good boost through the year ahead and would be able to earn the goodwill of authorities and colleagues. Particularly partnership deals would prove gainful as the 7th house is emphasized. Your academic pursuits would also be rewarded amicably. Some natives have the chance to pursue higher studies as well. Relocation and a good climb up the professional ladder is guaranteed for natives who put in hard work and commitment through the period.


The financial side of Mithuna Rasi people is up for a roller-coaster ride thanks to the transit of Rahu to the second house of finances. Your finances go haywire and you would not be able to stick to your budget plans. Also beware of high-value investments as lot of risks loom around. After the first quarter of year 2019 ,some improvement can be seen in the financial front of the natives. Be thrifty and stay away from financial indulgences that would improve your financial status for the year ahead.


Mixed trends are predicted for the general family life of Mithuna Rasi folks during the year 2019. As the year starts there would be rifts, misunderstandings and difference of opinions among family members. However things shall brighten up after the first quarter of the year. Around April, auspicious events are forecast in the family. Natives would bring name and fame for the household through the period.But then the transit of Jupiter is not favorable for issues related to children and their lives. There would be health issues for them and their education might meet with impediments. Transit of Rahu also brings about some unhappiness at home. Miscarriages or delays on conception likely for a female in the family.


Mithuna Rasi natives are likely to go on long overseas travels during the year 2019. Some career-related travels are also on the cards and you stand to gain through the same. Students with the Moon in the house of Gemini would also have opportunities to travel far and wide owing to their educational pursuits during the period.


Mithuna Rasi natives are predicted with some health issues through the year 2019 as Jupiter or Guru transits for the period. Particularly natives might suffer from stomach and nervous disorders through the period. Medical intervention and good eating habits would help you to tide over these issues. Also natives are advised to stay away from stress and strain that might take a toll on their general health and well-being. Practise some meditative courses and have a sense of optimism around which would improve your general well-being in the long run.

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