For Simha Rasi people, Saturn or Shani would be posited in their 5th house of Sagittarius all through the year 2019. Rahu or the Moon's North node would be entering your 11th house of gains on 23rd March. Jupiter or Guru would enter your 5th house of Sagittarius or Dhanus on 29th March, 2019 and would come back to the 4th house on 23rd April as it turns Retrograde. Then it gets Direct on

5th November and enters back to your 5th house of Sagittarius.Simha Rasi people stand to get affected by these planetary movements through the year 2019. Read on for more details:


Simha Rasi natives would be able to perform well in their professional life during year 2019. Promotions and pay-hike on the cards for those in services. Those into business would find success and good financials for the period. Simha people looking for jobs would be able to settle down in comfortable job positions as the year moves on.It is also an excellent period for students with the Moon in the house of Simha. Particularly technical and medical educations are most favored. Those aspiring for competitive exams would also find the going quite easier than the previous years. Rahu posited in the 11th house assures success in exams.


Simha natives are likely to face a financially sound period in year 2019.There would be good financial inflow for the season. And high-value purchases are also on the cards. Money owed to you for a long time now returns back to your hand. Particularly business ventures would fetch good returns for the year ahead. Simha natives are advised to plan for long term investments now. Also beware of any sort of speculation for the time period as this is not a conducive time for the same. Your attitude towards money changes a lot as the year progresses and you would be learning lessons on the financial side by your experiences during the period.


Peace and harmony would prevail in the household for Simha folks this year. You get the goodwill and support of elders in the family. Some good news related to conception or birth of a child in the household most probable. Paternal relations get enhanced and you stand to gain some property through legacy as well for the period. Some worries due to children and elders probable. Grown-up children would bring name and fame in academic pursuits for the year. A sense of well-being and happiness would prevail at home thanks to the planetary placements for the period.


There would be ample opportunity for travel in the year for Simha natives. You might be travelling owing to job transfers or relocation. Also travel for pleasure and long distant adventure trips are on the cards for those willing to pursue the same. However be prepared to handle any financial emergencies.


Those with their Moon placed in the house of Simha or Leo in the natal chart would command good health and cheer for the year ahead. Your mental and physical health would be quite good. However do not be complacent, keep following good food habits and be physically active. The atmosphere around you would make sure that you are free from stress and strain for the year. This in turn would result in a healthier you for the year 2019.

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