For Simha Rasi natives, Saturn or Sani would be in their 5th house of Sagittarius in year 2018. Rahu would be placed in your 12th house of expenditure and foreign connections. Jupiter in the 3rd house would be transiting to your 4th house in October 2018. Mars continues its stay in the sign of Capricorn, your 6th house for most part of the year and transits around November 2018 to your 7th house of relationships.


Simha Rasi people would be in the pinnacle of their professional life this year thanks to the combined effect of Jupiter and Saturn on the 7th house. You would enjoy good rapport with authorities and peers in your work place. The year 2018 is a favorable period for those pursuing business ventures. The starting of the year would be a ripe time to start new small businesses. Those in the services field would be able to get recognition after the transit of Jupiter or Guru in October 2018.Simha Rasi natives would be able to do well in their professional life in year 2018. However to secure your standing you need to put in much extra work and commitment. Stay clear from getting into trouble with authorities and colleagues in work place. Laziness might reward you badly this year. Some of you natives would find the period conducive for higher studies and research works that would further boost your resume.


Simha Rasi natives would also continue to enjoy good finances all through the year 2018. There would be a good rise in your income level and those into business would see their prospects increase. Most of you shall be clearing off debts and writing off loans. Buying of high-value items like jewelry, luxury vehicles and house is possible for some. The transit of Jupiter in October 2018 would further boost your financial standing in general.


The love life of Simha Rasi natives would be quite average this year. Peace and harmony would be at stake and misunderstandings and temporary separation from partner likely too. Getting out of arguments and maintaining a distance would bring betterment in relationships this year. Stay clear from the intrudence by senior members of the family. Your social life would be quite good for most part of the year. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018 some goodness can be expected in the love front. Those in a relationship would find the year more suitable to enter wed-lock.


The travel opportunities for Simha Rasi natives is quite high this year thanks to the favorable aspects of Jupiter and Saturn. The period favours both long and short distant travels for 2018. Work related travels would be keeping you busy for quite sometime. Pilgrimage would be possible for the older folks of this Rasi. After the transit of Jupiter or Guru in October 2018, Simha Rasi natives who are working abroad likely to visit their native place anytime this year.


The general health prospects of Leo natives would be a mixed bag this year. Mental and physical health would be quite optimum for the period. Occasional minor health issues cannot be ruled out for this period. Natives are advised against indulging in food and to stay away from bad dietary habits. Practice exercising or yoga or meditation for better results for the period. Medical expenditure related to health issues of family members is likely for some of you born with the Moon in the house of Leo or Simha for this year.

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