For Rishabha Rasi natives, Saturn or Sani would be transiting the 8th house of Sagittarius in 2018. Rahu or the Dragon's head would be posited in Cancer, your 3rd house of siblings. For most part of the year, Mars would be placed in your 9th house of Capricorn assuring prosperity. The planetary placements for the year 2018 are quite satisfactory for Rishabha Rasi natives.


The career prospects for Rishabha Rasi natives would be favorable for the first half of year 2018. There would be marked growth in your career field and you would be able to prove your mettle. An efficient approach would help you to tide over any uncertainty in the workplace. With both Jupiter or Guru and Sani or Saturn aspecting your 10th house of profession, there would be general goodness in your job. Those in services as well as business would prosper well. Rishabha Rasi people would get the favour of authorities and colleagues in workplace. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018, partnership deals in business and teamwork in services would reward you better.


The financial status of Rishabha Rasi natives would be good with the beneficial aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the house of finances and the house of profession. A steady stream of income flow is promised for the natives in 2018. There would be gains through real estate deals too. Purchase of high-value items also on the cards during the period. After the transit of Jupiter during the last quarter of 2018, there would be a good consolidation of your financials. However debts and loans need to be handled with caution in this period.


The love life of Rishabha Rasi natives would be quite average for year 2018. But then the combined influence of Saturn and Jupiter on the house of domestic life would bring happiness in life. You would be getting the goodwill and co-operation of your partner or lover. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018, your social circle expands and marriage on the cards for some of the natives.


Travel is much on the cards for Rishabha Rasi people in 2018. Both short distance and long distance travels are probable as Rahu and Saturn or Shani are amicably placed in favour of these journeys. However some of you might feel a pinch when there is relocation owing to career changes. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018 there might be much travel related to work for the natives. Some travel related to fun and recreation is also probable around the year-end for some of you guys born with the Moon in the house of Taurus or Rishabha.


The year 2018 would be a mixed bag as far as the health concerns of Rishabha Rasi natives are concerned. As Jupiter or Guru transits your 6th house of diseases, some health issues might haunt you. Maintain good health, follow a balanced diet and practice exercise or meditation to ward off unwanted lifestyle diseases. After the transit of Jupiter around October 2018, there would be goodness in your overall health. A sense of positivity would surround you and there would be mental and physical prowess for the natives.

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