For the year 2018, Shani or Saturn would be placed in the 2nd house of finances for Vrischikha Rasi natives. Rahu or the Dragon's head would be in your 9th house of Cancer. In October 2018, Jupiter or Guru in the house of Libra would be transiting to the house of Scorpio being your Ascendant. Mars stays in Capricorn , your 3rd house for most part of the year.


Vrischikha Rasi natives need to put in much hard work and commitment in 2018 to come out successful in the professional field. Especially this period is not favorable for the natives to pursue new ventures. Stick to existing projects and make amends in the same for financial betterment. Do get the good advice of elders or experts in your field of work. Those in services likely to get a pay hike or promotion. You might be meeting with obstacles and hindrances, only hard work and effort would see you through in this time of turmoil. After the transit of Jupiter or Guru in October, you can expect recognition for your works and success would come naturally for you.


The financial standing of Vrischikha Rasi natives would be quite average this year. Though the inflow would be quite good, unwanted expenditure might continue to haunt you through the year. Hence savings would be depleted. Stay away from speculative deals for the year ahead, as luck is not by your side in this time period. Some property by means of legacy or inheritance is likely for the natives. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018, the financial standing of Vrichikha Rasi natives would be quite better when compared to the start of the year.


The love life of Virschikha Rasi people would be quite good this year. A sense of peace and harmony would prevail in your love life. You would get the goodwill and co-operation of your lover and family members this period. After the transit of Jupiter in October 2018, some of you singles out there are likely to tie the knot.


Scorpio Rasi natives would have a good time travelling this year as the planetary positions are favorable for this. Both long and short distant travels are likely for the natives. Some of you might relocate owing to career changes. The transit of Jupiter in October would bring about many gainful travels for the Vrischikha Rasi natives.


The general health of those born with Moon in Scorpio or Vrischikha would not be satisfactory this year. Jupiter as the 12th Lord is likely to cause unwanted health issues for the natives. Add to this the effect of Rahu on the Ascendant that further worsens up health conditions. Follow good food habits and rely on meditation and yoga for physical and mental well-being. The transit of Jupiter or Guru in October 2018 would ease health conditions to a certain extent. Then happiness and positivity would surround you.

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