For the year 2018, Saturn or Sani would be in the 4th house of domestic welfare for Kanya Rasi natives. Rahu would be placed in the house of Cancer which happens to be your 11th house of gains. Mars stays put in the 5th house of Capricorn for most part of 2018. The planetary placements for the year would be giving optimum results for Kanya rasi natives for the year ahead.


Kanya Rasi natives would find the atmosphere in their career area quite conducive for growth in 2018. You would be successful and climb up the corporate ladder. Would get into the good books of authorities especially .this period. Promotions and pay-hikes on the anvil for Kanya Rasi natives. After the transit of Jupiter or Guru in October 2018, business pursuits would give you good returns. Jupiter and Saturn together would help you to pursue some higher studies this year. Those in technical careers would particularly see good development in their professional area. Natives would see improvement in their confidence and performance level this year.


Kanya Rasi people would prosper with good finances all through 2018. There would be a continuous inflow of finances improving your financial standing in society. There would be ample scope for you to save and indulge as well. Investments related to real-estate and children's future are on the cards. After the transit of Jupiter in October this year, expect some major gains by way of legacy or business prospects.


Your love life would be quite good all through the year 2018. However difference of opinion with partner or spouse cannot be ruled out for Kanya Rasi natives. Be patient and let the steam off by staying away for quite some time from the contentious perosn. The transit of Jupiter in October would earn you goodness in relationships. You would be getting the love and support of your partner. Your social life would also expand for your good.


Travel related to career likely for Kanya Rasi natives this year. The transit of Jupiter or Guru would bring about travel in lieu of pilgrimage and family visits for some of you. Travel for pleasure and relaxation is also likely for the year. This would bring happiness and mental satisfaction in life.


Kanya Rasi natives might have some periodic health issues this year. Worries and anxieties would be a major source of your ill-health. Nervous troubles and blood related ailments are in for some of you natives. Develop good dietary habits and indulge in positive thinking that would bring about betterment in your overall health. Social and charity works can be taken up for mental health and well-being.

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