For Meena Rasi natives, Saturn or Shani would be placed in the 10th house of Sagittarius in year 2018. Rahu would be posited in your 5th house of Cancer hindering love prospects and fortune inflow. Jupiter or Guru transits to your 9th house of Scorpio in October. Hence prosperity shall come for you after this. Mars stays in the 11th house of Capricorn for most part of the year 2018.

Venus comes into close proximity with the Sun once in February and later on in October during the year.


Meena Rasi natives would have good career scopes this year. Some of you might start new ventures. Stability and success would come for you naturally this season. Take care to maintain cordial relationship with peers and authorities in your workplace. Put in all your might and commitment to earn name and fame in your career field this year. After the transit of Jupiter or Guru in October, all hindrances in your career field would vanish. Focus on the task at hand and do not go after that elusive job post. The chances of promotions and pay-hikes are quite remote for you this year. Concentration and commitment would bring betterment around the year-end. There are opportunities for some of you to go in for higher studies or up-gradation of your knowledge base this year.


Financially this would be an average year for Meena Rasi natives. Avoid risky ventures and speculative deals as troubles and losses lurk around. There would be expenditure over-shooting your income for family and friends this year. Hence be a little cautious and save some occasionally. Investing in landed property and other financial instruments would fetch good returns later on in life for you. Avoid financial indulgences this year. Not a good time for making big financial commitments or lending too.


The love life of Meena Rasi guys would be good this year due to the good aspects of both Saturn and Jupiter on your 4th house of domestic welfare and happiness. You would get into the good books of your partner this year. Shall get his or her support and commitment totally for now. However Rahu or the Moon's north node in the 5th house of love relationships might hamper the love prospects of some of you. After the transit of Jupiter or Guru in October good tidings can be expected in the love front. Some Meena Rasi natives are likely to enter wed-lock and the single ones likely to settle down in a comfortable relationship.


Year 2018 proves to be a good year for travel prospects of Meena people. There would be frequent travels all through the year. Travels related to relocation, business ventures and professional commitment would keep you busy all through the year. Both long and short-haul travels are probable. The transit of Jupiter in October might bring in travels related to pilgrimage and visit to your native place.


Year 2018 would not be a very good as far as the health potential of Meena Rasi natives are concerned. Some of you might suffer from frequent stomach disorders and food poisoning. You are advised to stick to home-cooked food and rely mostly on fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. Follow a good work-out pattern and the transit of Jupiter in October might bring about some improvement in your overall health condition.

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