For Meena Rasi natives, the year 2017 would be of mixed results. The first half of the year would pose serious hindrances and troubles in your life. You would meet obstacles of all sorts and need to swim against the tide. However the second part of the year would be favourable for Pisces natives. The desired results shall come for you. There would be happiness in your personal life. Also your professional side would look up better for the period.


Problems of all sorts shall plague Meena Rasi natives in the career front for the first half of 2017. There would be competition from peers and troubles from higher-ups. Your efforts would not yield good results and life seems to stagnate for you. Even if your work against time, you seem to be stuck somewhere. But then you are advised to stick to your work and avoid changing career track for now. The second half of the year holds good promises for the natives in the professional front. Relocation and promotions are probable for some natives. Your financial inflow increases and there would be conducive atmosphere in your work place. You would earn the goodwill of your higher authorities. A congenial environment would be there for you to work and show your creativity to the world now.


Meena Rasi would be lucky with finances in year 2017. The planets responsible for financial gains are aptly positioned for the same all through the year. You would have your hands full all through the year. Several types of income shall come for you. New sources of financial inflows are likely. However unexpected expenditure might also through you our of gear. Hence be cautious and save when the time warrants it. Investments in real estate, gold and shares would be a good bet for the year.


The first half of the year would bring in lots of troubles and turmoils in your love life or marriage. There would be loss of domestic welfare and happiness. Disputes and misunderstandings would arise with partner or spouse. Peace and harmony would be at stake. But then the second half of the year, after June 2017, the clime would be ripe for goodness in your personal life. There would be love and warmth around you and relationships would get a new meaning in your life. All your problems and heartaches now disappear and goodness shall prevail in the personal front of Meena Rasi natives.


As the 12th Lord of travel is favourably disposed Meena Rasi natives have a good timing for travel -both long and short hauls. Some of the natives would go on overseas travel for education, business or pleasure. For the others short trips across the country are on the anvil. There would be no hindrances and troubles during your travel, however natives are advised to take good care of health for the period.


The year 2017 would give mixed results in the health front of Meena or Pisces Rasi natives. You are advised to take care of health and stick to good health practises. Issues related to liver and stomach likely for some of the natives. However there would be no major threats to life. Natives are also advised to take care of their mental health during the first half of the year when there would be troubles in all areas of their lives.

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