In year 2017, Simha Rasi natives would have goodness in almost all walks of their lives. They would be blessed with good finances and new connections in life. Peace and happiness would prevail at home. Both professional and personal life would get an uplift for the year as the planets are favourably disposed for Leo natives in 2017.


The business prospects of Simha Rasi natives would rise well in 2017. They would be able to enlarge their footing, increasing their sales resulting in an increased income flow. Most Leo professionals would earn name and fame for this period. Promotions and pay-hikes are on the cards. Natives are advised to focus on the long-term benefits of their career and not to be short-sighted. Much finances shall also come for you during this period.


The financial status of Simha Rasi natives would improve in year 2017. It is a conducive time for you to get wealthy and rich. Speculative deals would fetch you good returns as also real estate ventures. Natives are advised to save and invest wisely to reap the benefits later on in life. Investment in mutual funds and share market is also recommended for the period.


The 7th Lord for Simha Rasi natives is strongly placed in the natal chart for 2017 and hence love and marriage would turn out wonderful for them. Auspicious events like marriage are on the cards. Those who were driving a bad marriage till date would find conditions favourable for amicable relationship now. Domestic welfare and happiness is assured for Simha Rasi natives in 2017. You would get the love, care and support of family and friends for the whole year.


Year 2017 is not a much favourable year as far as travel prospects for Simha Rasi natives are concerned. Though travel is likely, be careful as accidents are probable. Some of you might encounter travel hitches and health concerns during the travel. Hence it be best advised for the natives to avoid long haul travels for the year.


Do not ignore any health problems during the year, as it might have long term repercussion. Issues related to eyes, stomach and heart are likely for some. A well-monitored diet and exercise would help you ward off most of the life-style diseases that you are likely to encounter during the year.

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