2017 Leo Planetary Influences


Jupiter would be in your house for the first half of the year 2017. This would bring about major opportunities to improve your personal and professional life. Pressures in relationships ease off for now. Anything that you venture or touch turns fruitful for this period. In August 2017 Jupiter moves over to the house of Virgo from your native house.
Then you would finding avenues to channel your energies. You would be able to concentrate on those ventures that are satisfying your soul. Then you are not much bothered about monetary benefits.

Saturn would be placed in the house of Gemini till March 2017. This would bring about a sense of discipline in your life and some restrictions regarding your social circles. You would enter a new environment in your life. Then in April, Saturn moves into Cancer. This would bring about a total shake-up of your standing. Skeletons might fall off from cup-boards, some downfalls are also possible. But then it would ward off all unwanted hatreds from your mind for now.

Chiron continues in it present placement for the next two year period for Leo natives. This would help you to make some lifestyle changes that would have a positive impact on your general well-being. You would be able to get rid off some of your bad habits during this time period.

Uranus would be in your solar seventh house till March 2017 as it had been there for the past 7 years or so. This would have brought about chaos and excitement in your relationships. Now when it moves on to the house of Pisces in March, the emphasis shifts to your financial side from the relationship area. There would be many ups and downs in your finances from now on. You may also develop a liking towards the study of some spiritual courses.

Neptune would continue in the house of Aquarius and bring about its nature of mystery in all your endeavors. You would find everything both personal and professional links more intriguing than ever before. But do not take this to your heart, stick to your self-confidence and face life with diligence.

Pluto would be in the fifth solar house for Leo natives in year 2017. This brings about a sense of purpose and seriousness as far as your ambitions and other interests are concerned. There would be good financial side to these, also your social circles get greatly enhanced due to the same placement.