The year 2017 would be just great for Tula Rasi or Libra Moon sign natives. However events would turn out in your favour only when commitment and hard work are involved. It would not be a cake-walk this year. Finances would seem to be better off than the previous years. Domestic welfare and happiness are assured. However health needs utmost care for the year as also career issues. These need to be given priority in life for now.


The planets are not much in favour as far as the professional prospects of Tula Rasi natives are concerned for 2017. Only hard work will pay you dividends and results. You would meet a tumultuous period in your career field like never before. However you could come out unscathed if patience and grit are involved. Conflicts of sorts are likely with higher-ups in your work place. Also peers would be an eye-sore for some of you. Be cautious of your moves and do not disclose sensitive information. As for business people, this year would not be not that good for you. Stay away from partnership deals and extension plans for now.


Financially this would be a blessed year for Tula people. A good inflow of finances owing to your career performance is likely this year. However there would be expenditure related to travels, and auspicious events at home. Purchase of landed property and luxury vehicles is also on the cards this year. The transit of Jupiter in October 2017 would be followed by a good flow of inward remittances along with some financial income through legacy or inheritance.


It would be not all that good when it comes to the love and family prospects of Tula Rasi natives for year 2017. Saturn or Sani is not favourably disposed for you guys and hence there would be turmoils in the relationship arena for now. Worries and anxieties likely to bother your spirits. Those in a relationship might get split for now and marriages would run into rough weather. However Mars would prove beneficial for the natives warding off some of the negative effects of Saturn. Single ones might get some prospective partners for life.


This would be a good year for travelling for Tula Rasi people. Aspiring ones might travel in lieu of relocation or higher-studies or career change. Travel would always be fruitful and fetch good results for the natives. Some pleasure trips are also on the cards.


Health likely to take the backstage during 2017 for some Tula Rasi natives. Hence you are best advised to focus on healthy habits. Stick to a strict health regimen else health might take a beating. Health troubles related to eyes, and heart are likely for some of you out there. However the effects would not be life-threatening.

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