The planets would work in favour of Mithuna Rasi natives for the year 2017. Most of the planets are aligned perfectly for you to achieve your goals through the year. All things that have been eluding you till now shall materialize. You would make new acquaintances who are likely to change your personal and professional life for ever. In general a good year awaits Gemini natives.


As the 10th Lord of career namely, Jupiter or Guru is favourably placed for Mithuna Rasi natives during 2017, professional endeavours shall give good rewards. There would be amiable relationships with authorities and peers and you would be able to get into their good books. Your hard work and creativity shall take you up the corporate ladder of success in 2017. You would gain an authoritative position and increased pay for this period. However natives are advised not to rest on their laurels but keep going. Some hardships might be encountered around the last quarter of the year 2017 in the career field by Gemini natives.


Mithuna Rasi natives would have a good period with their finances in 2017. Mars, your ruler of finances is placed favourably for you. There would be a better inflow of finances when compared to the previous years. New property deals shall materialize as also purchase of vehicles for the household. Speculative deals would garner some finances but do not expect a windfall.


The love front looks quite cheeky in 2017 for Mithuna Rasi natives. Domestic welfare and happiness is assured for the time frame. Social and charity works shall keep most of you busy. Prospects for marriage is likely around the first half of the year. Auspicious events would take place at home. Love life would however meet with some impediments around the end of the year. Be cautious when dealing with prospective partners.


The 12th Lord of travel for Gemini natives namely, Venus shall give good scope of travelling and gains through the same. There would be long distance travels both for personal and professional reasons. Short trips and picnics are also on the cards with family and friends. Natives are advised to steer clear off troubles and health issues during travel.


Mithuna Rasi natives would command good health and cheer all through the year of 2017. No major health issues are foreseen and hence you can stay clear from unwanted medical expenditure. Those facing chronic issues would soon find solace. However minor ailments related to stomach and skin are likely for some of the Gemini natives.

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