The year 2017 would be simply fantastic for Dhanus Rasi natives in 2017. Natives would command good health and cheer all through the period. There would be no major troubles and hitches in life. Your sense of security and confidence would be high like never before. Love and marriage do well. Luck and fortune is also probable for some of the Dhanus Rasi natives.


The career prospects of Sagittarius natives would be bright during the year. You would be loaded with much energy and creativity that career performance would be a cake-walk for now. Your social status would increase as also your financial standing thanks to your career performance. You would get the attention of higher-ups in your workplace. This year is also a good time to start a new business venture or look for a career change that had been long-pending in some of your lives. Relocation is also on the cards. Financials would simply keep you under wraps.


Finances and general prosperity would be like never before for Dhanus Rasi natives in year 2017 as the planets are perfectly aligned for the same. There would be gains from many areas of your life and more than three types of income shall come for you. Also name and fame would be got in your work place as your financial status increases. Real estate deals and property would fetch you would profits for the year ahead.


Relationships related to love and marriage might take a setback for Dhanus Rasi natives in 2017 as conditions are not favourable enough in your natal chart. There would be derailment of peace and happiness at home. The married ones might meet with hitches and those in a relationship are in for a temporary setback. However compromise and commitment on your part shall bring things back to normal. Avoid harsh conversations and disputes at all costs and try to bring about a balance at home. There would be some moral support from elders in the family during these hard times of your life.


Travel for pleasure and business would be fruitful in the year 2017 for the Sagittarius natives. You are in for frequent travels which might take a toll on your general health, hence be wary about this. Some of you might travel owing to overseas studies. Short trips for fun and frolic with friends is also on the anvil for many Dhanus natives in 2017.


As Jupiter or Guru is favourably placed for Dhanus natives your general health would be good. /no unforeseen health issues are forecast for the year. However minor ailments might bother you and bring your spirits down. A strict health regimen and good health habits shall work wonders for this period.

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