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The year 2017 holds good promises for Kumbha Rasi natives. The financial standing of the natives improves much. But then there would be some strain from the professional side. Natives ought to work against the clock to excel in their career or business. It would not be a cake-walk this season. You need to lay your own road for success as it might elude some of you guys. Domestic welfare and happiness is promised for Kumbha Rasi natives for 2017.


As the 10th Lord of career or profession is well-placed for Kumbha Rasi natives, your professional prospects would be good. But then do not rest on your laurels, instead hard work and commitment would take you to high places. You get the favour of authorities in your work place during 2017. Pay-hikes and promotions are on the cards for the deserving ones. Business prospects also seem to be good and new ventures or expansion can be taken up for this period.


Finances would be at their best for Kumbha or Aquarius Rasi natives in year 2017 as Jupiter or Guru which rules over finances and prosperity is aptly placed. Your financial standing in society shall improve a lot when compared to the previous few years. All your financial goals would be met, losses and loans would be written off and there would be good inflow thanks to speculations and property deals. More than three types of income shall come for some natives and your savings would increase considerably, well enough to hold onto you for the next few year period.


The position of Jupiter would bring goodness in the love and marriage areas of Kumbha Rasi natives in 2017. There would be domestic happiness and joy. Auspicious events like marriage and childbirth are probable for some natives. Those already married would see good times in their marital life. The single ones would be able to locate the love of their life. Peace and harmony would prevail in the household, however natives are advised to restrain from making unwanted talks and conversations that might mar delicate relationships.


Travel related to relocation is on the cards for some Kumbha Rasi natives during this period. A transfer or a promotion might bring in long distance travels. Family welfare might get affected due to the same. For some pilgrimage and travels related to social and charity works are probable. This would give you the much-needed sense of satisfaction in life.


Kumbha Rasi natives are advised to take care of their general health and avoid imprudence as the planets are not in their favour for good health. Minor issues if left unattended might blow up to big health concerns. Problems related to blood, heart and nerves are likely for some of the natives. For others sticking to a good health regimen would assure goodness in life.

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