For Kumbha Rasi natives, in the year 2016 Saturn or Sani would be posited in the 10th house of career or profession all through the year. Rahu would be placed in the 7th house while Ketu would be in the first house for the year. Jupiter or Guru placed in the 7th house of marriage or love transits to the 8th house which is an evil one for the second half of the year.

These planetary positions would affect various aspects of your life. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


Kumbha Rasi natives would see mixed results in their family life for the year 2016. The first part of the year would bring about a conducive atmosphere at home. There would be happiness , joy and peace at the domestic front. Rahu in the 7th house would bring about chances of travel with family owing to pilgrimage or for pleasure. Jupiter in the 7th house shall bless the household with much love and warmth. There would be auspicious events at home. But then the transit of Jupiter to the 8th house might bring in unpleasant atmosphere or situations at home. There might be misunderstandings with family members. In general peace would be disturbed. The grace of God and the doing of the remedial measures would bring in goodness in your family life.


Kumbha Rasi natives would be able to do well in the field of studies or education for the year 2016. The first part of the year would be much favorable due to the position of Jupiter or Guru. You would be able to garner much knowledge in your field and study and would get the good connections of teachers in the field. For those into research and science studies, the second half of the year would be conducive. It would be a decisive year for many of the natives under Kumbha Rasi.


The year 2016 would bring in more avenues for career growth for the Kumbha Rasi natives. You would be able get promotions and improved pay package. There would be major changes as well in your professional field that you would be able to boost your confidence level and bring your creative side to the fore. But then the second half of the year would not be fruitful due to the transit of Jupiter or Guru to the evil house of 8th. Take decisions with caution and be prepared to face obstacles or hindrances from authorities and peers in your work place. Also business pursuits might meet with impediments till the year end.


For the year 2016, your financial status would look up for the better. Saturn or Sani is well placed for the natives in the 10th house and hence there would be better inflow of finances like never before. But then you are advised to save the same wisely and spend it cautiously. Those into business would be rewarded by better profits this year. But then the second part of the year would not be much favorable as Jupiter or Guru would be transiting to the evil house of 8th. Your inflow would dwindle. But a careful approach and wise investments done for the previous period would help you sustain your financial standing for the year ahead.


For Kumbha Rasi natives, there would be generally good health and cheer in life for the first half of the year as Jupiter or Guru is placed in the 7th house. Though there would be occasional health issues there would not be any major impacts on life. But then the transit of Jupiter to the evil house of 8th for the second part of the year might bring in some health concerns in your life. Stress and strain would take a heavy toll on your general well being. Be careful in driving as accidents just lurk just round the corner. Also keep a tab of what you eat and what physical activity you are into for the season.


The year 2016 holds favorable trends in your love area for all you Kumbha Rasi natives out there. You would be able to find the love of your life if you are single. Those already in a relationship would find the going smooth. There would be much romance and emotions involved. Saturn placed in the 10th house points out that old flames might come into your life from nowhere. You would get in touch with old friends and relatives who have gone off your radar for a long time now. For the latter half of the year, take wise decisions regarding relationships. An apt time to wean off unwanted relations in life. There would be betterment in your love life with better understanding and commitment from your side.

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