For 2016, Jupiter would be in the 2nd house for the first half and then moves to your 3rd house. Jupiter moving from the 2nd house of finances would have some impacts on the life of the Kataka Rasi natives. Saturn would be posited in the 5th house for the year. Rahu would be in your 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house all through the year. Here's a look at your horoscope from different perspectives of your life for the year 2016.


Your family life looks good for the year 2016. There would be a new addition to the family by way of birth or marriage. You would be able to get the goodwill and favour of your family members all through the year. However there would be some strains in the relationship with siblings at home. This is because Saturn is posited in the 5th house of your chart. In general your family life looks better than the previous years, provided the remedial measures are taken for the planets. Also patience and a calm approach would do wonders at home for this period.


For Kataka Rasi students the year 2016 would be much favorable for studies. Jupiter placed in the 2nd house for the natives would provide fruitful results for those pursuing finance and management related studies. However Rahu in the 2nd house might deviate your thoughts and hinder concentration for quite sometime. Those into exams might find the first half of the year much favorable. The second part of the year might be good for those aspiring to go for higher studies. Overseas opportunities are also in for the natives for the year. But then hard work and commitment would be needed on your part.


For the year 2016, Kataka Rasi personalities would see a good improvement n their professional life. Your 10th Lord Jupiter is well-placed and hence those into services would see the year much beneficial. There would be a pay hike or promotion through the year. If you are in for a relocation or change of job then this would be right time to jump the wagon. Those into business can pump in resources during this period as it is an excellent time for expansion. The second half of the year would bring a serene atmosphere in your work place. You would be able to discharge your duties in your career field with ease. Hard work would earn you laurels from authorities this season.


For the year 2016 your financial status is most likely to increase. For the first half of the year Jupiter would help you to improve your financial standing. You would need to make major financial decisions for the year. Some luck and fortune are on the cards as also some inflow by way of inheritance. However be prepared for some expenditure owing to auspicious events at home and some religious commitments. High value investments are also likely, but be cautious with your financial moves for the year.


Kataka Rasi natives would have gone through some major health issues for the past few years. But now Saturn or Sani transiting your 5th house is favorable to give you good health and cheer for the year ahead. You would be able to get rid of chronic ailments that have been hampering your spirits for some time now. This would also be an apt time to go for some physical and mental rejuvenation. Take some time off for meditation and prayers. The grace of God would avert any major health issues in the life of the natives for the year.


For the year 2016, your love life would be mixed. There would be much love, emotions and romance involved with partner for the first half of the year as Jupiter would be placed in your 2nd house. There would be much happiness and joy in your love life. Also the second part of 2016 proves good for those in a marriage or relationship. The single ones and those waiting for an ideal partner would settle down this year with the partner of their choice.

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