This year 2015 promises you with much energy in all frontiers of your life. There would be clarity in your thoughts and your ideals look promising for the long run. Make amends if things go out of balance. Neptune and Mars shall provide you with new avenues to prosper in life. You would be able to think on a new level and artistic pursuits shall keep

you engaged for most part of the year. Major changes are on the cards around the end of the year for Kataka Rasi natives.


During this year your love life would be filled with joy and happiness. You would be finally able to settle down with your ideal partner. Major developments in the relationship area are forecast for Kataka Rasi natives for this year. The year would provide ample opportunities for socializing. You would be able to live your dreams now. Family and relationships would get a new meaning. Jupiter's position would provide with much sensual pleasure for this period. Better communication with partner would be the key to survival for this period.


Sun and Venus would help you to excel in your professional field for the year 2015. You would be able to realize your goals in this period. Your performance and objectives mean the most to you in this period. Responsibility comes in from all quarters that you would have troubles maintaining your personal life. Some Kataka rasi natives would be able to see the much waited change in job or relocation. There would be good rapport with your higher-ups that you would be able to climb the professional ladder this year with ease.


The year 2015 predicts much luck and fortune for Kataka Rasi natives. Follow your instincts when it comes to taking risks in the financial area. Much financial inflow is assured for the year but this is clubbed with hard work on your side. Double-check your plans when you go in for long term investments. During the second half of the year beware of unwanted expenditure. As this might affect your financial stability in the long run.


During this year the planetary positions are favorable enough to give you good health and cheer. Your internal dormant energy would be awakened and you would be able to achieve much in life. You would have much dynamism and your batteries would be charged to go through the whole year. There would be enough openings to take a break from work and enjoy life's simple pleasures. Keep your emotions under check as it might dampen your spirits. Take good rest, have a balanced diet and do not forget to renew your gym membership.

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