In this year, your past-year projects enter into full stream. There would be much socializing in your life for this year. Major changes are probable in your life but you would not be in a good mood to welcome the same. Some withdrawal symptoms are also forecast for Kumbha Rasi natives for this year. You would be able to attain important milestones in your life due to the good effects of Guru or Jupiter.

Sani would help to enhance your creative skills and bring them to the limelight. There would be mixed periods of solitude and socializing for this time period.


In this year there would be a clearer path in your love life. You would be more bound to familial ties now like never before. The bad period of your love life is over now and there would be better stability in the days to come. Take away pessimism from this area of your life as the insecurity you had is now gone as far as relationships are concerned. Socializing and moving with friends would become the in-thing for this period. Single ones would be able to locate their partner around the last quarter of the year. Expect minor shake-ups also around this period in your love life.


In this year there would not be any major changes in your professional life. But that does not mean that things would be all that rosy. There would be a challenging atmosphere around you in the work place with frequent upheavals. In general this would be a time for you to learn new things and skills related to your career. There would be situations that call for your bold actions. Those in business would at last be able to see some gains in their projects. A calm and steady approach would help you to rise high up in the corporate ladder.


This year your financial life would be smooth and steady. There would not be any major windfalls for this year for Kumbha Rasi natives. Set your priorities right and follow your budget plans. Be ready to give up or sacrifice some pleasures in life so as to balance your finances. Around the middle of the year there would be some unwanted expenditure. Do not compromise when it comes to financial deals with friends or relatives. Some good news is expected in areas related to real-estate and long term investments plans.


For this year 2015, you would be packed with much energy that does not let you down throughout the month. Sani with the help of Mars would boost your energy levels and improve your self-confidence. There would be opportunities to showcase your stamina and vigor. However do not indulge in over-eating, a balanced approach on the other hand shall work wonders in your physical and mental make-up. Take up a sport to while your time away from the monotony of life. The end of the year shall see you in good health and cheer with a more confident you.

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