In this year 2015, you would be going through two major phases in life. One calls for a calm and peaceful home-bound life and the other one would be an aggressive you. There need to be a clear demarcation between the two sides, else there would be total chaos. Guru's position however shall protect you through the harms that might befall you this

period. You would have your hands full throughout the year, that there would not be any time left to enjoy the world around you. There would be some minor gentle changes in your lifestyle as the year brazes past.


Your love life would enter an exciting phase this year. There would be more truth and better transparency in your relationships that keeps you going come what may in life. If you are into a relationship then this would be the best time to handle sensitive issues with double caution. Let not your personal desires hamper your relationship. This would jeopardize the long term prospects. Live life to the fullest and do not let doubts and misunderstandings play spoil sport in this area. The married ones find this an excellent time to better know each other. Do not act impatiently or impulsively in this time period.


During the year 2015, your career life would be of utmost importance. You ought to take some daring and bold steps for better development in your work place. At last you would be able to settle down in a job position of your interest and liking. You would be able to form new connections and better financial inflow is predicted. You would have the knacks to keep teamwork going on. However be cautious of any fraudulent means or back-stage acts that might throw you out of your present position.


In this year, Vrischikha Rasi natives need to better tune their financial life, as major expenditure are coming your way. Though those spending mean to be important, certain things can be postponed to a later period. You need to have a re-look at your budget. Keep away from financial indulgence and temptations of all sorts for now. You have a weak financial personality and hence stay focused on the task at hand. The end of the year, however shall bless you with better finances aided by Guru or Jupiter.


The year would start for you with full energy and stamina. However around the middle of the year fatigue might set in. Do not venture into high-energy consuming tasks as you might pay a heavy price on your health. Be cautious of your mental strains and stress. Stay away from indulgence of any sort and instead rejuvenate your spirits by going on some adventure trip or the like. Social and charity works might bring in the much needed moral strength in your life for this year period.

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