The position of Guru or Jupiter and Sani or Saturn for Vrishikha Rashi natives is not much favorable for the first half of 2014. However after June, things shall turn in favor of you thanks to the good placement of Mars for these natives along with the transit of Rahu. The end of the year 2014 proves to be troublesome once again as the bad period of Sani or Saturn starts.


Till June 2014 there would be unfavorable conditions in your love life. There would be rifts of all sorts with partner or spouse. A highly testing time indeed for couples and those in a relationship. But after around June, things would brighten up. Hence you need not worry much regarding your love life. Then there would be better compatibility with partner. Issues get resolved and so are conflicts in your personal life. Those waiting for a child shall get happy news.


The first half of the year 2014 is not a good time for career growth of Vrischikha natives. Work environment would not be good, there would be much stress and strain on you. Problems arise from peers and authorities in your workplace. Financial income also stagnates. But after June, there would be good salary hike, promotions are on the cards, business prospects look good. Better finances shall come then. However be cautious around the end of the year as Sani or Saturn might bring in some troubles.


For Vrischikha Rashi natives, finances would get a beating till June 2014. There would be loans, losses and debts. Your savings would be restricted to a greater extent. However during the second half of the year 2014, there would be goodness in the financial front for the natives. You would be able to buy much landed property. Speculative deals shall bring in good returns. Your savings would be ample and expenditure related to an auspicious event at home predicted for this time.


Health condition would be average for the natives during the year 2014. The position of Jupiter or Guru is a cause for concern related to the general health of the natives. Serious setbacks are forecast till June or the middle of the year. However after that things shall look up in your favor. The last quarter of the year also likely to bring in occasional minor ailments bothering your spirits now and then.

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