For Mithuna Rashi born natives, the first half of the year 2014 would pose a series of troubles and trials in life. This is due to the bad position of Retrograde Jupiter or Guru and Sani or Saturn. The effects of the other planets shall give mixed results. However the latter part of the year promises much luck and fortune for

the natives. Then there would be great happiness and success in all your endeavors without major hindrances in life.


The start of the year 2014 would cause major problems in your love life. Married ones find all means to break up. Those in a relationship find the going very tough. It would be a very testing and tiresome period for you. But the second half of the year promises good tidings. Those waiting to enter into marriage shall settle down. Conflicts and issues in relationships get settled down amicably to your utter surprise and happiness.


Career meets with impediments during the first half of the year in 2014 for Mithuna natives. There would be unwanted stress and strains in your workplace. It would be hectic with much competition. Friends might turn into enemies for your worst. Temporary unemployment also lurks for some natives. But things might change for the better during the second half of the year. There would be promotions and increments in services and businesses see a huge surge of profits. The end of the year shall see you settle down comfortably in your workplace.


Finances during 2014 would be of mixed trends for the natives. Losses, loans and debts shall burden you during the first half of the year. Your gains in life would be restricted. But as the year moves on you will see yourself on a better track with finances settling down. The end of the year shall settle down you in a better financial position. Then you are likely to invest in a new home or a luxury vehicles. However you are advised to stay away from speculative deals that might burn a hole in your wallet for the year 2014.


The general health of Mithuna natives would be put to test during the first half of the year due to the position of Jupiter and Saturn. Health needs utmost commitment and concern and better food habits are to be followed. Make sure you do not overindulge in this area. During the latter half of the year, better health is assured for the natives. Then there would not be any major health concerns and life would take its normal course.

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