The planets Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu are well-placed for Kumbha Rasi natives for the first half of the year 2014. Then it would be a testing period for you. Be prepared to ward off any troubles that might come your way during the second half of 2014. You are predicted with frequent changes in major areas of your life for this year due the mixed effects of the planets.


Love and romance would be favorable for you for the first half of the year. Marriage shall work out well and those in a relationship shall get the approval of parents and elders in family. There would be joy and happiness at home. But things shall start to wane during the second half of the year. There would be misunderstandings in relationships some ending in permanent splits or rifts. Care should be taken to keep the relationship threads intact despite hindrances from all quarters in this period.


Kumbha Rasi natives shall have a good professional life for the first half of the year 2014 till June. Business shall bring in good returns as also for those in services where the rewards would be great. Good financial inflow is predicted and there would be goodness in your work place. But from July there would be problems galore. There would be much incompatibility with your peers and enemies would be a constant source of trouble for you. Finances would be restricted. You need to keep your head high and be prepared to face this bad tide till the end of the year.


During the first half of the year till June your finances shall perk up much. There would be more than three sources of income coming for you that you would be able to venture into buying a new house or a luxury vehicle. But then when June comes there would be some serious setbacks in your financial life. There would be unwanted expenditure. Financial deals would come to a standstill dwindling your financial reserves. Hence make sure that you plan for this phase during the previous period itself.


The general health of Kumbha Rasi natives would be good till June 2014. There would not be any major health issues and things shall go on well. But after July 2014 due to the bad effects of Saturn there would be health issues resulting in unwanted medical expenditure. Do not neglect your health and take immediate actions as and when it is warranted. Caution is to be exercised in the health field till the end of the year.

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