The year 2014 is a generally bad period for natives born under Kataka Rashi or Cancer Moon sign for the first half year period. This is because of the bad position of retrograde Jupiter and Saturn. Life would be much challenging and it would be an uphill task for you to gain your foothold. Your ambitions need

to be put to cold storage and it would in your best interests to lay low for most part of the year for goodness in life.


Your love life would fare well for the first few months of the year 2014. Then there would be troubles galore in this area affecting your love life to the maximum. Partners are likely to stray at times bothering your spirits. There would be much inter-personal problems in this time. For the next part of the year love life would be average with no marked developments seen. if already married then life would go on normally without much fanfare.


Career performance during the year 2014 would be generally good, though occasional hindrances cannot be ruled out. Those in a job shall find the sailing smooth, but you cannot expect promotions and better financial income. Around the middle of the year, your work environment shall turn for the worst. However the end of the year shall provide some relief in this area. Then there would be growth clubbed with better financial results. Those in businesses however see only a marginal growth in their tracks.


Year 2014 posts a bleak picture as far as the financials of Kataka Rashi natives are concerned. Loans might bother you, hence you are advised to stay off from debt-laden instruments. Those in the artistic field shall huge losses. Services shall fare well. Some betterment can be expected in the last few months of the year in the financial front for these natives.


The bad period of Sani running in 2014 for these natives shall bring ill health from all quarters. You are advised to pay heed to any minor issues with double caution. Make sure you follow a strict diet and stay away from smoking and drinking and over-indulgence of any sort. Satisfactory health condition is forecast for the last quarter of the year for Kataka Rasi natives.

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