The starting period of the year 2014 would not be much favorable for Meena Rasi natives due to the positioning of Jupiter and Saturn. But then things would not always remain the same. There would be mixed results due to the other planetary positions. After June 2014, there would be betterment. You can expect good results towards the end of the year.


The first half of the year 2014 would be a testing time as far as your love relationships and marriage are concerned. Temporary separation from partner on the cards. There would be rifts of all sorts in your personal love life. However after June there would be goodness in this area. Those waiting to get married shall see marriage. Birth of children in the family likely for those waiting for the same. Generally a happy period exists after June 2014.


Your career life is in for trouble during the first half of the year 2014. Loss of job forecast for some. Also there would be a troublesome environment in your workplace. But the onset of June 2014 shall bring glad tidings. There would be good income flow along with better promotions and perks in the professional field. Those in the business field shall see their work grow by leaps and bounds. The end of the year shall bring in good financial returns for those in business and services.


Till the middle of the year 2014, there would be financial troubles for Meena Rasi natives. There would be losses, loans and debts. This would bring in unwanted worries and anxieties. But then after June there would be good financial scenario in your life. Buying of a house or a vehicle is also on the cards for this time period. However you are advised to stay away from speculative deals. The end of the year shall bring in a windfall of finances for these natives.


The effects of Saturn shall bring health issues till June 2014. Natives are advised to pay heed to any health signals. Do not avoid any corrective medical measures. But after July you are advised good health and cheer. The planets shall bless you with goodness in your body and soul. All chronic medical issues that have been haunting you till date shall then vanish.

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