The year 2014 would be an excellent year for those born under Simha Rasi or Leo Moon sign. This is because of the good placement of Jupiter and Saturn all through the year. The first half of the year would be highly favorable for you and the middle period of the year would be average while the final few months might bring

in some hardships in life due to the positioning of Sani. Make sure that you are able to withstand the vagaries of this year.


For Simha natives the first half of the year presents a very rosy picture as far as love and marriage are concerned. Those already married shall have a happy marriage with good understanding with spouse. Those in a relationship shall see their relations succeeding in marriage. But the latter half of the year shall present troubles from all quarters. There would be troubles in marriage. It would be an uphill task to hold onto your spouse or partner during this difficult period of the year. The grace of God and some parikarams shall bring betterment in your love life during 2014 year.


The first half of the year of 2014 shall give good returns in your professional field be it services or business. It would be success all the way with high financial returns. There would be mental and physical satisfaction with your career. However when Saturn or Sani goes into a bad position during the last quarter of the year there would be tantrums in your career field. Problems come knocking on you and there are chances of debts, losses and loans related to your career. You are advised to save for the rainy day during the first half of the year.


The first half of the year 2014 assures good finances for the natives under Simha Rashi. There would be much financial inflow. Purchase of luxury vehicles and house on the cards. overall prosperity is promised in the financial side for this time. But the second half of the year indicates some troubles. There would be unwanted expenditure. Savings shall dwindle as also financial inflow. There would be slow progress with your finances as the year comes to an end.


During the year 2014 there would be mixed health conditions with goodness during the first half and troubles in the second half. Stress and strain might take a heavy toll on your health. You need to cautious in your moves to maintain good health and cheer as the bad period of Sani or Saturn exists during the second half of the year. Keep a tab of what you eat and what you do and this would pave way for overall general health and cheer in life for the year ahead.

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