The year 2014 would be a generally favorable year for those born under Rishabha Rashi or Taurus Moon sign. This is due to the presence of Retrograde Jupiter. The first half of the year would be extremely favorable and helpful for you overall. However the latter half sounds a little dismay. There would be some delays and hindrances in life along with worries and anxieties bothering your spirits.


Love and relationships shall fare well in the year 2014 for Rishabha natives. The first half of the year shall see your relationships go to new heights, those single ones out there would get married and it would be fun and laughter all the way. Honeymoons and long trips with your spouse are forecast for this period. But the second half of the year would be troublesome with bouts of incompatibility with spouse or lover. Misunderstandings and arguments would abound and maintaining your cool would be a big problem for you. You are advised to maintain a low profile for the period.


During the year 2014, the first half of the year shall see you surge in your professional performance. For those in services there would be promotions and financial increments. Those into business shall see a windfall. It would be success all the way for Rishabha natives in the career front for the period. But it would last only for the first half of the year. The other half shall see you lose your steam in the professional front. You need to put up a brave face to overcome the troubles mounting on you. However you shall remain unperturbed by this period.


The planets are lined up in a wonderful way for your finances to soar during the first half of the year. Much financial inflow is predicted from all quarters. Real estate deals shall work in your favor. Speculative deals shall materialize and purchase of luxury vehicles and buildings are forecast. However make sure that you are not carried away by false promises in the financial side. The second half of the year after June shall bring in some financial hardships for Rishabha natives. It would be a testing period, but the gains of the previous half year period shall make the going smooth.


The general health of the natives would be good for the first half of the year. There would be good health and cheer in the family. There would be a positive aura surrounding you. But the latter half shall bring in unwanted health issues. You need to pay attention to your health and good diet and exercise are advised. The bad period of Sani or Saturn would be the cause for the health issues. Stick to a strict schedule as far as your work and habits are concerned for good health all through the year of 2014.

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