The starting of the year 2014 proves to be very lucky and beneficial for Dhanus Rasi natives due to the good positioning of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Rahu. However there would be mixed results for the second half of the year and the end of the year proves to be very troublesome. Hence be prepared to face the mixed year ahead.


Till the middle of the year 2014, these natives shall enjoy good love life. There would be much love and romance in the air. Those in a relationship shall get married and love relations shall progress on well. Those already married shall see goodness in their married life. But after this there would some problems in your family life. There would be misunderstandings and rifts with partner or spouse. Commitment and better understanding shall see to that your marriage or love shall succeed around the end of the year.


Dhanus Rasi natives are assured of a good professional life during the first half of the year 2014. It would be success all the way. You are promised a good income flow and better remuneration for your hard work in the career field. However after around July things shall begin to take a wrong turn. There would be much incompatibility in your work place. Those in a business shall see that their growth is hindered to a larger extent by competitors. This is due to the bad combination of Saturn and Jupiter for the Dhanus Rasi natives.


Finances would be good during the first half of the year for the natives. There would be much accumulation of money during this period. Use this wisely for speculative deals and long -lasting investments. Buying of a home is also predicted for this period. After June, there would be some setbacks in your financial front. There would be much unwanted expenditure. Income flow would also be hindered. But the end of the year shall provide some hope in the financial sector.


Health of Dhanus rasi natives would be fairly good till June in year 2014. But after that there would be ill health due to much stress and strains in your life. You need to maintain caution and strict vigil for good health and cheer in life. Exercising and a good diet shall go a long way in promoting the general health of the natives during 2014.

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