2015 Sagittarius Horoscope


During this year of 2015 the planets shall help you to have better confidence in you and your abilities. You would be able to perform more in life than the previous years for now. But you need to prioritize your ideas and ideals before venturing into the action field. There would be some troubles with your relationships. But do not let pessimism take over.
Over the course of time things shall brighten up. Plan your works with much caution giving some leeway for breathing in fresh air. Though you would be held tightly this year with your personal and professional works, make sure that the environment around you is ambient for you. Some social and charity works shall call for your attention. Much luck and fortune are also on the cards for you during this year like never before.


There would be much energy involved in your professional field for this year, Sagittarius. If you are into business then there would be ample scope for co-operation with others and expansion is also on the cards. Those in the artistic field shall see new avenues for growth. During the first half of the year, there would be some hitches in the relationship with authorities and peers in workplace. There would be failures or blocks in your projects and works for quite some time. Teamwork shall not pay good dividends. Rely on your inner potential and the last half of the year would be rewarding thanks to your commitment and hard work done during the first half.


During this year you would be able to hold onto relationships that came into your life during the past few years. Enjoy the company avoiding impulsive and sensuous acts on your part, else there might be some negative retaliation from the other side. You would be more attractive and presentable to the opposite sex this year, thanks to the personal grooming done sometimes back. However be cautious in your romantic moves as Saturn is likely to burn your butt en-route. You would be able to get the goodwill and appreciation of your partner if things go by your books. Patience and tolerance would be the keyword for success in relationships for this year. Do spend ample time with your partner even if your spirit is weighed down heavily. A lot of socializing shall help the single ones out there to get into a positive relationship during the course of this year.


During this year, your finances would be in a new high thanks to the groundwork you did for quite some time now. But do not be complacent, try to save and spend conservatively. You need some stability with your finances for this year. Avoid unwanted material purchases as some necessary expenses might catch you unaware. You need to rework your budget and try to live life within your means. This is not the time to indulge though your finances are satisfactory as things do not seem rosy for the end of the year period. Beware of financial frauds and double check before you sign any financial transactions. Some high volume inflow is predicted for the middle of the year. Those in business shall fare well for this year.


For the year 2015, your general health would be positive. However make sure that your relax and rejuvenate your body and soul occasionally. This imbibes a positive spirit that keeps you going all through the year. Things shall go smoothly till around the middle of the year, when small health issues are likely to crop up. There would be nervous and muscular breakdown and hence be cautious in this area. Stick to the health resolutions that you had taken during the start of the year till the end. This shall see in good spirits in the years to come.