2016 Sagittarius Horoscope


In 2016, the focus would be on your personal development at large. Now you would feel the heat or impulse more towards progressing in life rather than confined to routine works that take you nowhere. All events of yours would be focused on the future of yourself as a whole entity. in this period you would be able to get a better perspective of your life.
There would be more mature way of handling things for now. You would be able to take important decisions regarding some relationships in your life. Do not hesitate to cut off certain unwarranted relationships in your life that stand in way of your freedom, independence and growth. You need ample space to spread your wings far and wide, isn't it?. The end of the year would be able to bless you with the good fruits of your efforts that had been put in all through the year.


The year would be able to see you move forward in a faster pace with courage and vigor to tackle works head on. You would be able to strengthen your position in the work place in this period. Work would be God for you but do not start worshipping that too much. However you need not expect the same level of commitment from you peers. But do not over work yourself. This would bring in some pessimism in your life that would give negative results. Around the middle of the year take some break from work as it might take a toll on your health. You need to learn to insulate yourself from the stress of strain of work for better results in your professional and personal life. You would learn some lessons the hard way this year in this area of your life.


Your love life would be following a wave of several crests and troughs this year. Your possessiveness and insensitive attitude would be a major hindrance for any sort of positive developments in your life. Have a candid talk with your partner and loosen out any tensions that might creep into your relationship. The middle period of the year would see a change in your love perspective. For those not satisfied with the current relationship, there would be scope for settling with a new found partner. There would be alternate moods of highs and lows all through the year in your love life. Curb your passionate and sensuous energy in this period. The end of the year shall help you to decipher your relationship in a new angle. Get going forward with renewed confidence in life and do not let old patterns re-emerge in this area.


In this year, Sagittarians would be richly blessed with better financial resources like never before. There would be a good control over your budget as well. You would be able to meet your financial aspirations for the year but be prepared to keep your expenditure under double check. The middle part of the year would call for major restructuring of your financials plans and making important decisions regarding savings and speculating. Expenses related to family might hit the roof. There would be no major risks all through the year and some luck and fortune are also due for you around the end of the year. Go on and pamper yourself, Sag.


The year 2016 would consume much of your energy that you would find it difficult to take time to relax and have fun. However you are advised not to over-exert yourself too much as your health would be at stake then. Take some time off from the rigors of life to engage yourself in some recreational activities like pursuit of your hobby and the like. Your optimistic approach shall see you in good spirits despite occasional minor health issues. Try to focus yourself into the future and let no stress and strain of work play spoilsport with your health for this year.