2016 Sagittarius Planetary Influences


Saturn transiting your sign in 2016 would not be much favorable for you Sagittarius natives. Single ones would find the going tough as the committed ones encounter problems of sort in their personal lives. The passage of Saturn through your sign asks for lot of commitment, perseverance and control of anger and emotions. This situation continues till 2017 when Saturn gets out of your sign.

However Jupiter would help you in your relationship for the first half of the year. But you are advised to stay away from indulgences of sorts. Though Saturn might put road blocks on your path, Uranus in Aries would give you the much needed energy and boost to keep you going through the year.

In February and March 2016 Saturn is likely to play havoc in your matters related to family and property. But then it also favors long distance travels for the natives.

Throughout 2016, Sagittarius' Third House of communication and short trips will be governed by Neptune. Venus in your 3rd house in January 2016 would improve your creativity levels for the better. This position also favors short travels for the natives. From January to April 2016, Saturn will be retrograde in Sagittarius' Ninth House. It's not a favorable period for you to travel.