2015 Sagittarius Horoscope


For Sagittarius natives, there would be some sort of disturbances in the family life for the first half of the year 2015. For the latter half, things are predicted to get still worse. Only some effort, sincere commitment and adjustments on your part shall bring betterment in the household.
You might face unwanted delays and hindrances related to family affairs. You would encounter misunderstandings with family members, particularly with spouse/ partner. In general a conducive atmosphere might not prevail and it is up to you to make things as smooth as possible in the domestic side. Domestic welfare/happiness would be put to much test and turmoil through the year.


For Sagittarius students, the year 2015 would not be a good year as far as studies are concerned. You are likely to relocate owing to your studies. For some there would be periodic breaks in studies as well. You need to concentrate and focus on your studies though the year does not seem too favorable.


The year would be favorable for traveling for all Sagittarians. Also the financial and professional atmosphere would be conducive for the same. You would be able to set sail to the places of your dreams in this year. Go on, Sag, the world is at your feet and is all yours for the asking.


You need to make major changes regarding your character and habits this year. Do stick to the resolutions that you take regarding your health. Make sure that you do not fall back. Lot of self-improvement has to be done for the year.