2014 Sagittarius Horoscope


This is a year when you would be able to bring shape to your long found dreams and ideals in life. Let your actions in this regard be simple and apt. Major changes are likely in your lifestyle during the course of the year. Make sure that you do the talking and decision-making in important tasks at home. In reality you would face certain hindrances but let your inspirations keep you going.
Let off past memories and don't let them haunt your spirits. Let bygones be bygones. Face the world with a renewed vigor and strength now. Your social life would be fully engaged with contacts coming in from all quarters. Your personal choices in life would be too hard to handle during this time period. Have faith in yourself and let actions flow swiftly taking full freedom. Do trust your instincts during this part of your life.


Those in services and businesses shall fare well in this period with luck and fortune on the cards. It would be a smooth sail for you in the professional front with no major hurdles en-route. Though occasional hitches might crop up with peers you would be able to sort out those differences by your sheer will-power and hardwork. Important contacts would be established in your career field during this year. Legal hassles might come your way around the middle of the year. Be prepared to handle this with double caution.


This year your love life would be normal, rather a routine. You shall cherish long lasting relationships in this period of your life. But there would be a need for major changes in your love interests. Your emotional needs now differ calling for renewal of your romantic moves. You might need to take a major detour if things turn sour with relationships. Do make sure that you do not make your partner feel insecure during this part of your life. Forgiving and forgetting shall be the best mode to move ahead in your love life.


Finances this year shall be questionable for you. You need to take opportunities by their horn as they come your way. Find all avenues to make more money. There would be some expenditure related to relocation, buying a house or revamping an existing one. These might burn your fingers for the short term. Look at the long term and plan your finances accordingly. Do try to avoid all financial hassles that come your way during this year. The last half of the year shall bring in much income flow. However your generosity would be put to test. Do verify credentials before venturing into financing of social and charity works.


Throughout this year your general health would be good. But this does not rule out the occurrence of minor health ailments now and then. They are quite inevitable now. You need to go in for ample rest after a heavy work. If not it would show up in the form nervous breakdowns, muscle cramps and the like. Do not force yourself with much workouts. Take only what your body can handle with ease. Focus your attention on your diet. Make a change if necessary, bring in much of proteins and fiber into your intake. This is a good time to experiment with a new facelift or hairdo.

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