The coming year 2014 would be a mixed bag for you. This is because Guru or Jupiter is Retrograde and the bad period of Sani or Saturn called as Kantaka Sani is running for Mesha natives. The first half of the year would be of mixed fortune, the middle part of the year would be average and the last half of the year 2014 would be full of trials and tribulations for the natives born under Mesha Rasi.


The first half of the year is predicted to be full of troubles in your love front. Those already married shall seem to have much incompatibility with their spouses and those in a relationship shall see the relationships go haywire. But the latter part of 2014 presents a better picture in this area. However single ones are advised against settling down in life for the year 2014. Also marriage is not recommended for this year.


Year 2014 shall see goodness in your career front. You would be able to climb up the ladder in your work place without much effort. However around the middle of the year there would be some problems in the career front. There would be indifferences with peers and authorities. Work pressure would be heavy and the demands from you would be more. The end of the year presents a rosy picture. Those into business need to keep expenditure under control and stick onto existing projects rather than venturing out into new ones. There would be trouble getting the favor of higher authorities and men of rank for your professional pursuits.


Finances shall fare well in the year 2014 for Mesha natives. You can consider investment options for the first quarter of the year although the second quarter seems a problem. Do not venture into any speculative deals for this year beyond your means. Else things might go out of hand and land you in untold troubles. Those in business shall see their profits dwindling this year. They are advised to stay put in their status and avoid extravagant spending for the whole year period. However there would not be any major mishaps in the financial front for these natives.


The general health of Mesha natives would be put to test this year due to the position of Saturn or Sani. Health would not be satisfactory and there would be unavoidable medical expenditure. Diet and exercise need to be followed with strict vigil for betterment of health condition. The end of the year however seems to give a better scenario in the health front for those born under Mesha Rashi or Mesha Moon sign.

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