The year shall begin for you on a sober note for these natives due to the positioning of the planets Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu and Ketu. However after the middle of the year things shall straighten out a bit and you would see much luck and fortune without any asking around the end of the year.


As said earlier there would be troubles in your love front for the first half of the year. Temporary separation from partner and some permanent rifts are also forecast in the relationship field. After June there would be betterment in love front. Single ones get married and those already in a relationship or marriage shall find the going smooth and happy. The end of the year shall bring in big surprises in the love front for these natives.


Till June there would be troubles of sorts in your work place. There would be much pressure on you in the professional arena. Friends and enemies would be a sour grape for you. But around July there would be goodness in your career field. Much income flow is assured as also promotions and better projects. The end of the year shall bring in sweet surprises for these natives in the professional field.


Losses, loans and debts face you till the middle of the year. Income flow would be reduced to a trickle. But after June, there would be much financial inflow. You would find the means and ways to pay off your mounting debts. Around the end of the year finances shall brighten up that you may venture into buying of landed property, jewelry and other high-value purchases. But you are advised to stay away from speculative deals for the year around.


Health issues shall be a cause for worry and anxiety for the first half of the year for these natives. You would be strained both physically and mentally. You need to keep a good tab of your health condition and work accordingly. However after around July you are assured good health and cheer as the positive side of the benefic planets shall shine upon you. All your health issues shall vanish into thin air then.

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