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This year 2014 shall have the feel good factor set in for you. Things shall work out much in your favor for now. However you need to focus on relational concerns like looking into an older member of the family and the like. Do make efforts to detangle the lives of those around you. This is a good time to take time off for a vacation or long holiday. During this year you would be inspired to do bigger and better things in life.Do show your individuality when it comes to showing out your creativity to the outside world. Try to sort out any hitches in relationships during this time. Of course there would be internal conflicts and tensions in your personal life . You need to learn to balance things in life. Rededicate yourself to a committed life and you are assured a better future and better year ahead.


This year your professional life would not be a bed of roses as always. Conflicts of all sorts arise now and then in this area. Even if you are passionate about your career, trying times are ahead. It is ideal that you take leave or go on a sort of relocation. Team works shall meet with impediments throwing your ambitions away. If you are at the top of the ladder you would find the going tough. If you are somewhere in the middle level there would be a good amount of peer pressure. Trust your instincts and try creating a new environment or atmosphere around you.


Your love life this year would be rejuvenated and enriched more than you had ever thought of. Your partner shall be a good source of inspiration for you. At times you might feel that there is no control of your emotions and senses. Have a clear vision and let your partner/ spouse lead where it matters. Be open to dialogues and exchange of ideas with him/ her. This would be a good time to understand the concept of love, relationships and its consequences. If single you would be able to open the doors for a new relationship in life. Those already in relationships shall find the going at ease.


During this year you would be able to reap the yields of the investments done years before. You generosity to the near ones would be at its high. But make sure that this does not topple your budget plans. Be open to spend for some pleasures in life but at the same time save systematically. Plan your finances well in advance and avoid the worst in your financial area. This is an apt time when you can go for some real estate purchase or some high value shopping. Your social status grows thanks to your financial growth during the course of this year.


Your general health and energy levels would be satisfactory for most part of the year.Though some ailments due to stress cannot be ruled out. Focus now on some form of meditation or exercises to relax and rejuvenate. Some mental worries and anxieties might bother you, hence do not allow your mind to wander. Concentrate your energy towards some constructive artistic pursuits. Set some health limits and try to achieve the same before the year comes to an end. A change of diet shall work wonders for all those Capricorns out there!

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