The placements of Guru or Jupiter and Sani or Saturn would give mixed results for Tula Rashi natives in the first half of year 2014. Mars position is likely to bring in unwanted expenditure of all sorts, hence maintain some caution in this year. The second half of the year would bring in tribulations in your personal life.


During the first half of 2014, there would be goodness in your love life and family life. There would be marriage and childbirth in the family, love relationship shall progress on well. There would be good cheer and happiness at home. However, after June, you are to experience some serious setbacks in your family life. There would be incompatibility with spouse or partner, misunderstandings arise, resulting in temporary separation as well from partner. Care should be taken to ride against this serious tide in your love life.


Year 2014 proves to be a very lucky and fortunate for career prospects of the natives. There would be success in all quarters be it services or business. Income flow would be more than expected. Betterment would prevail in your professional life. But during the second half of the year there would be career hindrances due to the bad placement of Sani or Saturn for the natives. You need to maintain your strength to overcome the trials and tribulations in your career field then.


Finances shall fare well for Tula Rashi natives during the first half of the year 2014. There would be good financial inflow resulting in big high-value purchases like that of a new home or luxury vehicle. However make sure that you save some for the shaky period ahead. After June there would be some setbacks in your financial front. Unexpected events are likely to take place dwindling your financial reserves like an unwanted expenditure and the like. Those in the artistic field shall find the going pretty easy for the year 2014.


Health condition would be average for Tula Rashi natives in this year. But around June there would be much stress and strain in life resulting in certain health issues. Towards the end of the year you are assured good health and cheer thanks to your career placements and better personal habits.

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