The start of the year 2014 would be a testing time for you due to the positioning of Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and even Mars turning Retrograde. Only the second half of the year holds good prospects for you. However the end of the year shall see you in good spirits as the bad period of Sani for you shall come to an end.


Sorts of conflicts and troubles shall arise in the love area for Kanni Rashi natives for the first half of the year 2014. Those in marriage shall find the going tough and there would be troubles in love relationships as well. But after June things shall brighten up in this area. Single ones shall find the ways and means to enter wedlock. Those married shall find good times with each other. There would be joy and happiness in the household till the end of the year


Your career front also looks bleak for the year ahead in 2014. There would be difficulties in growth and temporary job loss is also forecast for this period. There would be much demands on you leaving you highly stressed out for the first half of the year. However after June, there would be goodness. Promotions and increments are on the cards. Those in business shall find the means for expansion. Profits and gains shall improve as the year comes to a close in 2014.


Till the middle of the year around June 2014, finances would pose a big problem for the natives. Debts, losses and loans mount on you. But do not lose your hope as there is light at the other end. The second half of the year shall bring in good financial returns in your life. Then your loans and debts shall vanish into thin air. There would be a good source of finance. New investments would be made and high-value purchases are on the cards. But do avoid any speculative deals for this year.


The position of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars would render bad health for the natives this year. Rahu transit further aggravates your health condition. However the end of the year shall bring some goodness in health. Your diet and habits need to be kept under total control for overall health benefits. Exercising and outdoor activities also help a lot in this area for the year 2014.

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