2015 Virgo Horoscope


During this year of 2015 there would be major changes in your personal and financial life. All your efforts would end in success for now. But do not rest on your laurels and be aware of tempting flattery en-route. Count your blessings and let your brains and not brawns do the major judgments in life. Your creativity shall come to the fore in this time.
The planetary positions support your intellectual growth and development. In general a quiet environment is predicted for you. Do not hesitate to put your foot forward in times of other's needs.


Your professional life would be loaded with new opportunities for the year ahead. There would be good rapport with authorities and peers in your work place. Teamwork shall move in the right path for now. This is the apt time to consolidate your position in business or services. Your projects shall move in the right track with reliability assured for this time frame. Some of you may feel the pinch to make a move or a change in professional life. Rely on your inner strength and take the plunge. There are shallow waters ahead. Set your priorities straight in this year as far as your professional growth and development is concerned.


Your love or relationship side would be good in this year. However there would be troubles galore in this area of your life for quite some time. There would be a compelling desire for you to make a change, but make sure that you move in the right direction. During the first half of the year your passions and emotions would be intense due to the good planetary alignments. This is the time to show your partner that you are true and loyal and get his or her confidence. The second half of the year would be more serene in the love front in that there would not be any major hardships or hitches though occasional issues cannot be ruled out. In general peace and tranquility would prevail for most past of the year. Do not bow down for an encroachment into your personal space.


During this year your finances would be very much balanced and under control thanks to the strict regimen you had followed in earlier times. You would be able to stick to your budget proposals for the year. However you would be tempted to make unwanted high value purchases. Do not yield to your desires and do wait for the apt time. Let your priorities straight and do not indulge to the fascination of those around you as far as finances are concerned. Speculative deals shall fetch good returns but be cautious. You need to save for the period ahead is not a fair road.


During this year you would have good physical and mental energy and the going would be a lot smoother than the previous year. There would be ample opportunity to take a break, enjoy and relax in life. However the last half of the year shall bring in some unwanted health issues resulting in major medical expenditure. Your digestive and nervous systems are likely to go haywire for this period. You can avoid these by having a strict vigil over your diet. Let your comfort level come down for your betterment in this time.


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