2015 Leo Horoscope


This year 2015 will be rich in opportunities for new projects in all areas of your life for all you Lions out there. The planet Jupiter shall help you to set up a new ambition or effort in your life for this time period. You would be able to find solutions to life's unanswered problems till date now.
This is an apt time to take wise decisions regarding your future course of actions in life be it personal or professional. The planetary positions shall help you to keep a check on your emotional imbalances. This year is a good time to bury your past grouses and work towards a brighter future. If you are in the artistic field then this is the ideal time to showcase your works to the world. Fame and name are waiting for you...


The year of 2015 holds good promises for you in the career front. But it is not always going to be a bed of roses. You are likely to wage many a war to keep your position intact in the professional field. The planets call for more action than words in this time of the year. You would be loaded with many positive ideas and thoughts that need to be harnessed properly for best results. All your professional aspirations shall be successful with much of your sweat put in. During the second half of the year your projects might see the light of the day. In general this year is a period of total hard work and commitment that would fetch good rewards in the years to come.


Your relationships shall see a harmonious flow in this year. Try to express your true feelings and sentiments to your loved ones. Open up your heart and have a clear talk with your partner of anything that might be pricking your senses of late. Do step back if you think you are making the wrong move in love life. There would be a new vision as regard to relationships in this time period. You need to be stable when it comes to tackling your emotions and sentiments with regard to your relationships. Those single ones out there would find partners for a long term relationship in life. Those already in a relationship make sure that you do not make promises you cannot keep for this year.


During this year, your finances would be a bit tricky in that you would find it very difficult to make both ends meet. However you should make all endeavors to save some finances for the tough period ahead. Your expenditure is likely to go off the roof hence maintain vigil over this area. Do not pay heed to any fraudulent means of multiplying your money. Listen to your inner voice and react to financial moves with caution. There would be a confusion between making long term investments and short term petty expenditure. You need to have a clear foresight and then act in the financial arena for this year.


During this year your general health would be average. There would be some painful experiences like occasional minor health issues but do not let it take out your mental energy. This is the time when you need to be active and full of strength and vigor. Be aware of your physical limits and work accordingly. Do not stretch your limits. This period is a good time to start a new physical activity or a new diet regimen. Focus on your inner energy levels. A generally good period awaits you as far as your health is concerned.


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