2015 Leo Horoscope


For Leo natives, the year 2015 is not a good year for family life. There would be troubles, quarrels and misunderstandings with family members through the year. Some worries and anxieties might continue to bother your spirits. You would be losing your peace of mind unless some corrective measures are taken to improve the situation at home.
There would be losses and troubles through enemies in life. All sorts of delays and hindrances are expected in your domestic life. You better stay put all through the year and do not react to situations.


For the year 2015, your educational ambitions would meet with impediments. You would meet with disturbances and failures in your studies. But do not lose hope, concentrate and focus all your energies towards coming out successful in your educational endeavours. Avoid procrastination at all costs in this field for the year.


You are likely to go on a foreign travel owing to some business matters in this year. Also some short vacations with short travels are also predicted for Leo natives in this year. Go on and indulge yourself , Leo.


Major changes are on their way for you through the year. Hence be bold enough to embrace change in all its color and form. Do make changes in your residence or work place to remove the monotony out of life. You would encounter new experiences this year. Learn anything new from this . Best of all take time to enjoy the simple pleasures at home.